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The Universe is Expanding...

Welcome everyone! So the cat is out of the bag and Fade To Funk is growing. A few years ago we started out as a small events brand in intimate venues, spreading our love for good music... Now, we release music from our favourite up & coming artists and have introduced more features: - 1:1 music production tuition As an experienced music producer and mixing/mastering engineer, I have decided to offer my knowledge and experience as a 1:1 music production tuition service which can be tailored to people's skill level and learning style. This can be achieved in the studio or via Skype. - Full mixing and mastering service If you're looking to give your music that unique and professional edge then we can offer a wide variety of audio engineering work to cater for your projects. From our staple digital audio mastering to a full stem mixdown, we can guarantee you'll love the sound of our work. We can also offer mastering for vinyl only releases too.

In the very near future we will also be expanding our YouTube presence and will be live streaming my studio sessions so you can gain a glimpse on how I create the music I love. I am looking forward to answering any questions you may have in the chat box.

Peace & love x Jeff Fader

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