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Live Recording Session

Some of you will know that I am a keen bassist. I have recently joined a new covers band in Kent and we decided to record a demo to kick start our marketing campaign.

The Recording

Due to the singer having to pull out last minute, the band had to rally round and put together a very basic multi-track recording setup. This comprised of: Macbook Pro with Ableton Live 9. Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL audio interface. The bass and keys were DI'd to ensure minimal bleed going through the drums and guitar.

Drums were Mic'd using a 3 mic setup. 2 Shure SM58s were used as a stereo pair for the overheads using an XY mic technique. A JTS TX-2 was used for the kick drum with isolating pads surrounding it to ensure minimal bleed. As you can tell, the microphone were not ideal by far but the results were surprisingly usable. No phasing issues in the stereo field and plenty of raw, live sounding drums.

lastly, the guitar was mic'd up with an 80s AKG D80 dynamic microphone which sounded great and really complimented the guitar tone. Microphone was slightly offset from the speaker at a 45 degree angle. Vocals will be next to record along with all the post production work to follow. Click here to listen to the results!

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